We exist to offer protection, continuity and safety solutions from the generation to the distribution of electric power.

Our expertise is our greatest asset: we strengthened due to the experience of designing and manufacturing of protective relays gained through over 30 years of business activity. The application to all our business processes of our quality system, certified according to ISO9001 standard, is what guarantees that our customers are getting all the best solutions for their needs.

Customer care:
A personalized service, a rapid delivery, a competitive price and an attentive evaluation of customer needs, have all contributed in making us one of the best and reliable producers of protective relays: we are not the biggest but we think we are more versatile and flexible than our competitors. We listen to the customer: we equally welcome suggestions and criticisms and feel that, as a small company, we are better placed to change for the better.

A highly qualified and motivated staff permits us to offer an avant-garde products and service which meet all protective, safety and continuity demands, vital in the generation and distribution of electric power. The continuous knowledge capability, is one of our main company competitive advantage.

Social responsibility:
Building protective relays which meet all safety and continuity demands, we serve the electric power efficiency: energy is an expensive, limited resource which need to be used carefully and efficiently.



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